Cleon Peterson


克里昂 · 彼得森的人生走過一條曲折蜿蜒的道路 ─ 大約 17 歲時他沉迷於海洛因無法自拔,有段時間他常因持有毒品而入獄。最後彼得森在 25 歲時戒毒、改頭換面,並成為一名藝術家。他筆下的世界既混沌又暴力,圖像同時與動盪的當代社會以及西方藝術史的演進聯繫在一起。或許是為了補償早年與社會的脫節,彼得森現今的創作題材大量圍繞著世俗與政治,他認為若沒有以某種方式對時事做出回應,便也將成為共犯。

Cleon Peterson's life has experienced a tortuous path. At the age of 17, he was addicted to heroin. For a while he was often jailed for possessing drugs. Finally, Peterson got rid of drug at the age of 25, changed his life and became an artist. His world is both chaos and violent, and his images are linked to the contemporary society of the passive and the evolution of Western art history. Perhaps to compensate for the disconnection between his early years and society, Peterson's current creative themes revolve around secular and political. He believes that if a person does not respond to current events in some way, he will become an accomplice.