D*Face本名迪恩·史塔頓,是英國當代最知名的街頭藝術家之一,他的真實身份直到2008年才曝光。D*Face將自己的塗鴉啟蒙歸功於美國街頭攝影師亨利·查爾凡特,他在紐約地鐵拍攝的大量塗鴉飄洋過海,為生長在倫敦的D*Face帶來巨大的視覺衝擊。D*Face使用貼紙、海報、噴漆、模版等多種媒材在街頭創作,並以一隻太陽穴長著一對小翅膀的球形角色D*Dog聞名。他也在倫敦創辦了第一間專營街頭藝術的畫廊「StolenSpace Gallery」。

D*Face, whose real name is Dean Stockton, is one of the most famous street artists in the UK. His true identity was not revealed until 2008. D*Face credits his graffiti enlightenment to American street photographer Henry Charvante. The large amount of graffiti he shot on the New York subway crossed the ocean, bringing a huge visual impact to D*Face growing in London. D*Face creates on the street using stickers, posters, paints, stencils, etc., and is known for its spherical role D*Dog with a pair of small wings on the temple. He also founded the first "StolenSpace Gallery", a gallery dedicated to street art in London.