Emilio Garcia


在於數位化的趨勢下,埃米利奧看見自己的文化逐漸脫離有形的實體,作為對這個現象的反應,他毅然決然地辭去多媒體產業的藝術總監工作,遠離位元、數據庫和腳本,投入親手塑造實體觸覺經驗的產出。「Jumping Brain」作為埃米利奧第一個獨立開發的藝術玩具大獲成功,這些長著四條青蛙腿的大腦在一夕之間造成轟動。此後,大腦造形的視覺語彙變成了他著名的創作標誌。

In the trend of digitization, Emilio Garcia found that his culture gradually got rid of tangible entities. In response to this phenomenon, he resolutely resigned from the art director of the multimedia industry, away from the bits, databases and scripts, and invested in the production of physical tactile experience. "Jumping Brain" reached giant success as Emilio's first independently developed art toy. These brains with four frog legs caused a sensation overnight. Since then, the visual vocabulary of the brain has become his famous creative symbol.