André Saraiva


安德烈在巴黎以塗鴉簽名展開他的街頭創作生涯,這是他表達自己,並在世界上留下印記的第一種方式。接著他不斷改進簽名的風格,將麥克筆線條和符號融入具象、卡通化的圖形中,創造了他的代表性角色─有圓頭和修長四肢、以圓圈和叉構成一對眼睛,帶著高禮帽的Mr. A。安德烈因曾經遍佈巴黎街頭的Mr. A而為人所知,他也是1980年代最早使用這種標幟作為簽名的街頭藝術家之一。

André Saraiva started his street art career in Paris with tagging. This was the first way he expresses himself and left a mark on the world. Then, he constantly improved the style of tagging, and integrated the lines and symbols of the microphone into the figurative and cartoonized graphics. In this way, he created his representative role, Mr.A, with round heads and slender limbs and wearing a top hat, forming a pair of eyes with a circle and an X. Andrea is known for Mr. A who used to be on the streets of Paris. He was also one of the first street artists to use this method as a tagging in the 1980s.