CB Hoyo


CB Hoyo自幼受到藝術薰陶,作為一位自學成才的藝術家,他使用任何媒材進行創作。CB最具代表性的創作手法是在著名作品上加諸手寫的短句,並融入他質問世人價值觀的獨特聲音;例如在濃湯罐上寫下「這不是沃荷,它就只是個濃湯罐」。CB Hoyo除了翻玩知名品牌、著作,在使用這種手法的同時,也向古今中外的偉大藝術家及哲學家致敬。

CB Hoyo has been inspired by art since childhood. As a self-taught artist, he uses any medium to create. CB's most representative creative approach is to add handwritten short sentences to famous works and incorporate his unique voice to question the values of the world. For example, it was written on a soup pot. "This is not Warhol, it is just a soup pot." In addition to sample the well-known brands and works, CB Hoyo pays tribute to the great artists and philosophers of ancient and modern times or domestic and foreign countries.