FIDIA (Fidia Falaschetti) 的藝術啟蒙始於童年,他的成長過程中受到不同次文化的刺激,並從街頭藝術和嘻哈世界中養成了他的創作技巧。2007年,FIDIA在經歷2個月的美國之旅後決定推翻他的職業生涯,離開設計行業並進入當代藝術領域。他的創作大膽又戲謔地搬弄品牌標誌、文化圖騰、流行文化角色等觀眾已知的符碼,用淺顯易懂的視覺語彙將對當代社會的控訴轉化為正能量。

FIDIA's artistic development began in childhood. He grew up in different subcultures and developed his creative skills in street art and hip hop world. In 2007, FIDIA decided to flip his career after a two-month trip to the United States, so he left the design industry and entered the field of contemporary art. His creations boldly and ridiculously manipulated the symbols known to the audience, such as various brand logos, cultural totems, and popular cultural characters, and turned the complaints of contemporary society into positive energy with an easy-to-understand visual vocabulary.