Greg Mike


童年時在紐約旅行的見聞是葛雷格·邁克開始透過藝術重塑公共空間的契機。他12歲時就開始將牆面和滑板當作畫布,20歲之後轉向創作大型壁畫。他一直沉迷於美國二十世紀中期充滿能量的卡通角色,並將這些角色以拼貼、重組的方式融入作品。葛雷格用「招搖」(LOUD)來形容自己的創作:招搖的鮮豔色彩、招搖的卡通角色,甚至連他所設計的原創角色「Larry Loudmouf」造型也相當招搖。

The childhood travel experience in New York was an opportunity for Greg Mike to reshape the public space through art. When he was 12 years old, he began to use walls and skateboards as canvases. After the age of 20, he turned to creating large murals. He has been obsessed with the energetic cartoon characters of the United States in the mid-20th century and has incorporated these characters into his works in a collage and reorganization. Greg uses "LOUD" to describe his creation: LOUD bright colors, LOUD cartoon characters, and even his original character "Larry Loudmouf" is also quite eye-catching and LOUD.