Pat Lee


派特·李是華裔加拿大籍漫畫家,在16歲從高中畢業後即開始他的職業漫畫生涯。1994年,他被映像漫畫聘用並前往Extrem Studios受訓,他在那裡習得了一種能夠大幅影響他創作的技能:速度。在藝術創作方面,李堅持不用數位繪圖,而是以鉛筆、顏料以及手繪技法進行創作。他以形似漫畫般細膩又精密的線條建構畫面,繪製結合人工改造彷彿機械般的生命體肖像、流行文化角色,提出未來科技侵入生活的反思。

Pat Lee is a Chinese-American cartoonist who began his professional comic career after graduating from high school at the age of 16. In 1994, he was hired by Image Comics and went to Extrem Studios for training. There he learned a skill that would greatly influence his creation: speed. In terms of artistic creation, Lee insists on using pencils, paints, and hand-painting techniques instead of digital painting. He constructs pictures with lines that resemble comics and exquisite and precise lines, thereby drawing a life-like portrait and pop culture role combined with artificial transformation, and always reflecting on the intrusion of future technology into life.